Services Provided:

Service Printing offers solutions for all of your printing needs. We offer offset printing in one, two, three, and four color. We also offer digital printing for full color and black & white projects. Take a look at some of our presses and other machines that aid in completing your orders.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C550 and C7000 (NEW addition!):
Image of Konica Minolta Bizhub C550 digital printer Image of Konica Minolta Bizhub C7000 digital printer
The Bizhub C550 is our digital printer where we can print, scan, and make copies. This is used on a daily basis for small run full color and black & white projects. The digital quality is outstanding and can reproduce professional looking gradients from full color photographs. With the increasing demand of full color runs, we have a new addition: the Bizhub C7000. This brings a new level of full color and black & white production runs, allowing for high volume output and increased resolution.

Heidelberg Printmaster press:
Image of Heidelberg Printmaster press The Heidelberg Printmaster is our main stay as we print just about everything with this. The only thing we don't print a lot of on this press is envelopes, only the certain ones like the really big catalog envelopes get printed with this one.

ABDick press:
Image of ABDick press The ABDick press is what we use for almost all of our envelopes. It is a solid machine that is well maintained to ensure its everyday performance.

Original Heidelberg press:
Image of Heidelberg press The Original Heidelberg press is what we use for our numbering print jobs, such as raffle tickets. We also use this for printing on folders.

Folder press:
Image of folder press The Folder press is used for printing on folders like above, but it doesn't get the workout that the others get.

MBO Folder:
Image of MBO Folder Machine The MBO Folder machine is where we score and place the folds on projects like brochures, news letters, and the such. If it gets folded, it goes to this machine.